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Bonfire of Dreams.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧

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End of Chapter [Aug. 29th, 2007|12:17 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them...

Knowing is not enough, you must apply; willing is not enough, you must do...

My Evolution is Faster than the Light. Nothing in the Whole Universe can Keep up with My Evolution...

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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2006|06:07 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
無限の住人~武器屋24hours~12個入1BOX x2

Gundam Fix Figuration #0029 ゴッドガンダム&ノーベルガンダム x2

イクイップ アンド プロップ VOL.1 ガロ<鋼牙>&魔導輪ザルバ x2

イクイップ アンド プロップ VOL.3 銀牙騎士ゼロ&魔導具シルヴァ x2

聖闘士聖衣神話(セイントクロスマイス): ガルーダ アイアコス x3

キングダムハーツフォーメーションアーツ Vol.2 8個入1BOX x1
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Flame of Recca Final Burning [Jun. 15th, 2004|02:57 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Zatoichi 2004 OST]


I dont really know what to say about this game. It's def fun.
I am not a Huge Recca fan but I wanted to see all the new animation clips with material from the entire run of the manga. I think it was worth it. I'm not sure what other ppl will think tho. Maybe if you're a fan...

Finally strated playing Macross fro PS2 as well. Damn that game is awesome!!
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-.- [Jun. 10th, 2004|05:05 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧

You're Terry Bogard. Either you're a veteran, or you
like to learn from your experiences. You know that everybody has their own
unique expertise, and you can learn a lot from them. Thanks to that, you
can see the world through broad, clear eyes, and become wiser than average.

the KOF characters Quiz!


Oh well..
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(no subject) [Jun. 10th, 2004|04:34 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧

Which Battle Royale character are you? by liz.

Arrghh!! He's my fave char but..

such a SAD story :(

I wonder if that means I will die a similar death

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Losing Battle [Jun. 8th, 2004|05:09 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |Defeated]
[music |The sound of toys falling over my head]

It has come to my attention that I have a lot of stuff. I know many ppl have told me this in the past. (esp a certain person) I always thought that I have a good amount of stuff but never a lot or too much. When I got home from training today, (around 2am) I am dead tired but because I'm also restless, I needed to do something. I decided that I would do some cleaning up. After about 2 hrs of cleaning up, I noticed that I really felt overwhelmed. I dont know what it was. Maybe it was because I kinda left all this work (Unsorted cards, loose toys, gashapon, etc) from the past couple of yrs pile up. There is no need to say. I am being defeated by my own collection!!! I've done about 2 hrs of cleaning yet, I've prob only hit about .00000001% of what I really have to do. Most ppl can clean up in an hour!! It's very sad yes. Plus I should really make some money on this stock I'm sitting on but I cant til it's all sorted. Damn I'm Lazy. I really wish there were more of me so I can clean it up faster but we'd prob all end up fighting each other and never get anything done -.-

I called some of my friends and lackeys to come help me but they even cringed at the thought and kindly refused. Man, I really need some time and motivation to tackle this one. I can feel the power and incredible fighting spirit in my collection that has accumulated from all the yrs it's been ruling my wallet and bank account. LOL Hmm.. It's Prob the Strongest I've ever felt!!!! Am I up to it? After fighting it at less than 1% of it's true power I am already defeated!!

My Kouhai have all left me.. Why?

*falls over from exhaustion*

Is it that tough?

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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2004|04:33 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |MADLAX OP- Hitomi no Kakera- Yuuka]


I have not had very much luck this past week.

I come home from LA. I lose my Bankcard. My Tire is flat.

So I cant speed and I have no access to my $$$

I at this very moment only have like $7.31 in cash til Tues when my new card arrives.

I was hoping to replace my tire this past weekend but the places I checked were all closed or they were out of the size I needed.

Not only that but I have a bad side injury and a couple of dozen bruises (that Hurt) from my rematch with Lu.

Which I won! but My Good fortune ends there tho.

I cut my hand trying to repair a blade which is oddly constructed. It's not a horrible cut but it will sting for the next few days.

While working on a new kit, I clumsily Cut myself again!! Quite deep! This time on my index finger. It was not a pretty sight..

During striking practice, One of the panels I broke burst into pcs in midair. I thought I dodged all of them but one of them made it on my head...

Had to make a run to 7-11 on my way home. A couple of unpleasant fellows try to extort funds from me by verbally threatening me. I ignore them and keep walking. One of the guys tries to stop me. As soon as his hand makes contact, I proceed to show them that they picked the wrong guy to extort money from. The ppl in the 7-11 notice this as well and the police show up fairly quick. I'm questioned and one of the cops try to give me a hard time. I play their game for 15 mins and they let me go. I was annoyed by this very much. I did nothing wrong and they treat me like I was on of those losers trying to extort money from 7-11 Clients. Well at least I got to beat out some frustration on "voluntering" subjects. Altho they were very weak -.-

It has been a long week. Hopefully this coming week is better. Otherwise I cant guarantee my sanity.
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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2004|11:23 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |GaoGaiGar FINAL OP]

Heh' Well. It's been almost 2 weeks from my last post. I think I've been Ok since then. I've been thinking a lot and I've talked to quite a few ppl about how my life is going and opinions on that. To be honest I never really talked to many ppl about myself and my own thoughts on things so much until now. Only a few, Well at least these past 2 weeks I've asked a few other ppl. LOL I'd say lots of things happened these past 2 weeks. I guess I should mention a couple of worthy events.

First off, My Teaching Period is over. I got a nice goodbye from all my students. I cant say I wasn't a bit sad seeing all of them go their Separate ways. They all did good on their exams too. I was happy for that. During the end of last semester and throughout this one, I had a secret admirer. Although I suspected someone (and I even got kind of a confirmation at the end) I never acted on it. The Professor I work with, told me I should go for it. Hahahaha He's a character. However' I just wasn't interested. Even aside from the fact I would have been in deep trouble if I was caught. I simply felt no need to pursue it, even tho I was very curious at first who the person was. Hopefully she's not mad at me for never acknowledging it and I hope she finds happiness on whatever path she's taking ^-^

Hmm.. Funny to say and a bit embarassing as well. When I sat in that empty classroom yesterday. I felt a bit sad. I guess I was feeling a bit sentimental. And I was remembering all the moments me and all my students had in that same room this past year. It made me shed a tear I think...

I saw a friend of mine I haven't talked to in about 4 yrs just recently. She is doing Great. Well paying job, Good Stability, nice place, nice car, Good Boyfriend. What else more can you ask for? lol I talked to her about lots of things. Mostly about how she felt about her own Life's goals and dreams and such. She seemed very happy with how her life was moving. And I told her that she worked hard for it, so she should enjoy it to the fullest and be proud of what she's accomplished. She of course asked me how my life was moving, At first I was just picking out positive aspects of my life and such. I didn't really want to make the mood gloomy since her life seemed so bright. Of course tho she saw through it somehow and asked me how I'm "Really" doing. I then told her a bit about what was going on in my life and she asked me- "Keiyo, Do you have a Dream? What do you want out of life and what would make you happy"
When she asked me that question, I kinda paused. Then I noticed that I didn't or couldn't really say anything at first. After a bit of exchanging words, I guess I was able to say something. I told her that, I'm really doing fine and that I just need to figure a few things out. I dont think she believed me (the doing fine part). I guess maybe I looked depressed. LOL I had a lot of thoughts since then tho. Hopefully she's not pissed at me for not saying anything.

I hung out with one of my friends who live in Alexandria. I went to his apt and we just kinda talked for like hrs. About the past, present and future. We just talked about how much crap we've been through and all the stuff that has happened to us this past year. We just Laughed about most of the stuff. LOL It was a nice time. And he is a VERY Good Friend. I dont have many of those.

Hmm.. I've had a lot of thoughts recently. Mostly about fighting and Life and Dreams and such. I'll try to summarize them all up if anyone cares to know...

This year has been a very interesting and surprising year for me. There was a lot of stability in it and I was much more responsible than in the previous year (or two lol). I dont know why I've become a teacher or even chose to. Maybe it's because I felt like I wanted to do something that made some sort of difference. Most of us, We each have things or ppl in our lives that inspire us and push us towards our dreams. They help us along the path of the unforseeable Future. I have those ppl in my life as well who've taught me a lot and inspired me. Hmm I guess, I wanted to have that feeling as well. The thought and feeling that I am able to help someone and make a difference in their lives. That I could direct them towards their dream. It gave me a rewarding feeling inside. As for my other job, I dont know why I have that. It's not like I can't make the same amount of money or more otherwise. I think I just took it for the sake of having some sort of job on my resume perhaps? Hmm.. Possibly. LOL

You know, sometimes I look back just a bit. Especially now that I've been training so much for Tenmon. I've got beaten a couple of times along the way. It feels like when I was a kid. I used to run to school everyday trying to avoid all the "obstracles" along the way. Of course I would never get past them lol. Since I lived at a temple some of the kids would pick on me, I never understood why. Maybe it was just for the sake of picking. As I was really young and there were like 5 kids, I got beat up everytime I tried to defend myself. I was Really weak back then when I was a kid. LOL Of course as I got older I got stronger. In my Life I've fought Lots of really tough ppl varying from all kinds of techniques and styles and I've beaten them. I'm Happy for that. Of course my life eventually slowed down and because of inactivity I got a bit weaker. If anything These past few weeks have taught me that. I've gotten rusty. I remember clearly and have the feeling of the boy who ran to school each day hoping not to add another loss to his resume and always failed and got beat up. Getting stomped on the ground and such. It's a tough thing to deal with but as I think and look back harder, I've noticed one thing I've clearly forgotten. The Fighting Spirit that boy had as he got back up after each defeat and kept moving. He trained everyday, with the Pure Dream of becoming Stronger, Becoming the Strongest! Eventually, The obstacles he faced faded away as they were engulfed by his ever increasing Strength. Of course new obstacles appeared before him and he had to conquer those as well. Heh' I think I've lost a lot of the spirit I've had when I was that Little Boy. Maybe it's because of things that have happened since then that complicate the situation. LOL. My Master used to say to me, "Each Defeat makes the pathway ahead clearer, however we may fear what we see in that pathway.." I never really gave it much thought but I think I know now and completely understand what that saying means. I think I am simply scared. I'm not sure what it is exactly. I think it might be a bit more than just defeat. Still trying to figure that one out. Hopefully I dont have to pay a high price to find out. LOL

I want to become Stronger. I dont know how Strong I am or how I measure up to all those Strong ppl in this world. I dont know what the future holds for me or what is waiting out there for me. I dont know where is the place I stand in this world. But..

I want to Find the Answer. I want to Break the Limit of what I can do now. I want to find where I stand in this world. I think There will be great Obstacles along the way but I wont Give Up. I've promised myself that. Maybe then, My Dream and the path ahead will be much Clearer to me and I can walk forward without fear in my heart but with the Bright Courage of that Little Boy Running to school that I can see clearly in my eyes. ^-^
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KO Bullet in the head [May. 8th, 2004|05:23 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |None]

What a week it has been. I think this is the most stressful and life realizing week I've had in awhile. I got beat up pretty bad this week. I've fought a total of 3 matches. 2 earlier in the week and 1 just earlier last night. I lost one of the fights earlier this week and that was pretty rough on my pride but I was getting over it. He was a Hong Keung Master, it was a style I've never fought before and he was a practitioner at a pretty prestigous league of guys so I was able to accept it. Barely.

Yesterday I got a call. It was someone I've known for a long time. He is in town for a week. He is someone I've known since I was really young (I'm old now lol) He was a person I really didn't like much when I first met him. He was Cocky, arrogant, self centered, talked a lot of shit and he just pissed me off with his mere existence. He is the kind of person who has every quality I hate. All feelings aside tho this person was also really tough and he was a really worthy opponent. To cut a long story short. We kinda became friends of a sort (an odd story, I still hate him too) but Me and this person also formed a pretty vicious rivalry. When it came to the fight We wanted to literally kill each other and it showed in the arena. We've fought a number of times. He won 2 times, I won 4 times and The last time we fought 2 yrs ago, it ended in a Mutual draw for both of us. Of course neither of us was happy with it but We were both out of it and couldn't continue. It was quite a fight. Now that I've summed up the history let me go on with the real topic..

I fought this person this past night and As crappy as it makes me feel to say it, I lost. We had a "Reunion" match at my friend's gym. I'd say it was pretty close but I was outdone and beaten. And to make it worst, I was knocked down for the count. It was a really crappy moment in my life. Here I am trying to be so cool with my training and all. Only to be beaten down and shown how insignificant I am in this world. The world is literally telling me now- "You Are Nothing, Give Up" It's a very terrible feeling to feel powerless. To me it's the worst, That's how I feel at this moment. Simply Powerless.

I am so ashamed of myself and depressed right now that if I was one of those other pathetic idiots that are my age I would go get drunk and shoot up on drugs, However I am a different kind of idiot, I dont do neither and have no interest in them. So Instead, While I rub my body with medicine and count my bruises, I'm just going to sit here all day and think about how I lost, stare at the ceiling and think about what I've been doing with my life, which is probably actually worse than drugs and alcohol but at least I dont pollute my body with any crap. Anyway it Looks like training will have to be off for next couple of days. I'm pretty banged up. I need to take it easy. Maybe I'll do some light training but I need to take some time off and think. I need to Think about how I can possibly be qualified enough to even go to the tourney this endsummer. There is no point to go if there is no intention or chance of winning. There will be tough people there. And they will be even tougher than these people I fought and lost to this past week. If I cant beat them what makes me think I'll even hold my own in this tourney? I think over the yrs I've won too many times. Maybe it's made me a little reckless and hotheaded. I think deep down maybe I have some kind of stupid ego. Maybe I lost because of that, among other reasons. I dont know. Maybe I'm just making excuses for myself. I shouldn't be. I Lost and I know it. They are stronger than me, I know that but what am I going to do about it?? What can I do about it?? Is the difference between me and him that great??? What makes him stronger than me???? AAAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! I Hate this feeling!!! *Breaks down*

If there wasn't already enough stress in my life, I now have to think about this too. It really sucks. I can honestly say that my personal life has no redeeming factors at this moment. Everything sucks. I dont even know what to think anymore. Oh Well, no point to just sit here and complain about it. I just need to act. I need to do something, Anything to make me forget it for now. If I keep thinking about this I'm going to go insane. I hate being whiny and I shouldn't be. Hmm.. Maybe I'll actually start putting those items up for auction and clean up my mess around the house. Who knows. I need to do something. I need to train too but for now I need to do something that is not Fighting or I'll really lose it...

I guess I'm going to go and try to sleep. Seeing as I'd rather be anywhere than the real world right now. I hope I'll have the strength to wake up and face it again later.

Sorry everyone (Not that anyone reads this) for this rather whiny and depressing entry. I just had to get it out somehow. If you care, Great. If not, That's cool too. I dont write this for sympathy, rather I just want to vent to someone and seeing that no one is awake at this time and I cant sleep. So I'll just write in this journal to vent to myself and hope to be heard by someone. If anything I hope this entry of my thoughts can keep you from making the stupid mistakes I make. So Dont let my stupid thoughts get you down, instead look at them as a life lesson in the life of a really confused guy in this world. Go have fun Everyone! ^-^
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Toys list [May. 8th, 2004|05:16 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |None]

Finally A toy update!!


Here is a list of what I;ve got this month-

Microman 2004
Master Force
Acroyer X

Transformers Superlink toys

Max Factory Genesic GaoGaiGar

Max Factory Guyver 3 action figure

CM's corp Macross Trading Figures series 2

Gundam Seed MSIA

Saint Seiya Saint Cloth Myth
Phoenix Ikki
Leo Aioria

Too many Gashapon!!

Too Many Other trading figures!!

Too Many Model kits

Reviews to come soon!!

Sorry for the crappy toy update. At least now who read this (If any of you) know some of what I got.

I'm too lazy to type the details.

Hopefully I'll feel more cheery to do it sometime this week.
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