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Bonfire of Dreams.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧

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Pain is my Best Friend [Apr. 30th, 2004|08:37 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |refreshedrefreshed]
[music |NOIR OST 1]


Just woke up and my body is VERY Sore. I was barely able to stand at first. Kinda sad. I think Maybe I need to make my training more intense perhaps? AAAARRGGHHH!!! It gives me headache just thinking about it!!

Well These past 12 hrs have been fun, I got a good nap, I had 3 friends come visit me and 1 was even watching Saint Seiya with me. 1 came over first to bother me and the 2nd one came over at the spur of the moment like she always does. hahahaha. Well Actually she was the one who suggested to watch it. hahahaha It was fun tho. It made me very nostalgic and I was happy that 1 or 2 of the ppl watching was having a good time ^-^ I was sitting there watching Saint Seiya and wondering to myself thoughts like-

"WoW I remember when I was a kid I was sure I could feel the cosmos"

"Man watching these guys make me jealous, I wish I could have awesome fights like that"

"I know these guys dont really exist but Damn I'm Weak"

"These guys look pretty cool when their Bleeding.. I wonder if I look that cool when I'm Bleeding"

"I really need to get a haircut.."

Yeah Odd thoughts I was having but that was what was going through part of my mind. Funny Huh?

the 3rd visitor actually just left. She is an old friend of mine, she just comes over to get compliments from me. She's one of those really fashion heavy ppl and always concerned about her appearance. She heard from someone I had a rough training day so she came by to see how I was doing, so in return I would tell her how hot she looks.. -.-

Overall I had a decent time after training. Good well deserved sleep, having a buddy come over and bother me and Being able to watch stuff with someone who actually wanted to watch (and suggest) was nice too, Certainly a Big bonus and I felt my night was definetly complete after that. Hmm.. 3rd encounter was questionable tho. lol

Well I hope there are lots of fun times and memorable moments ahead of me ^-^

I will definetly need those good memories to get me through the trials when I head overseas in the end of Summer to fight.

Damn I still need to update about the toys dont I?

I promise it will be my next post.
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Trials [Apr. 29th, 2004|05:30 pm]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |The sound of my heartbeat and my headache pounding X.x]

Very Hard Training today

Since I didn't go into work today. I was able to spend most of the afternoon training after I let out my class. Met up with Chen and the crew. We went up to his Old man's temple in VA, We did some warm up stuff there. Then we left..

First we went to the highest public building we could find. It was some hotel building several miles away...
I ran up 44 flights of stairs! Twice!

After Went back to the temple and played various activities in the backyard..

I had to get past 24 swinging panels! 3 times!

Had to crouch, hold my ears and hop up and down the temple stairs! Twice! (Very Long stairs..)

If I wasn't already tired enough from all that, I Had a free for all match with 4 decently skilled ppl at the same time!! Full contact!!

Doesn't sound like much but it was Hard!! x.X

I think I've officially lost 50% feeling in my arms and legs now..

at least for the next few hrs.

I'm so dead tired even tho I just woke up from a short nap that I think I can collapse any second.

Man I must be out of shape or something to be this tired from only this much activity. I really need to get over this by the end of summer. I don't know if it's Pride or whatever but I'm rather dissapointed in myself that I could be so drained after this.

What a humbling feeling..

I feel da sads :(

I Think I need to go out for some fresh air now And Food..

Needs to da eats..

Update with toys and other fun stuff later if I'm still alive.

I should be.
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My Dear Lacus.. [Apr. 27th, 2004|04:27 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |excitedexcited]

Oh Lacus..

How your Beauty radiates so...

Surely your Radiant shine lights the dark abyss of the endless space wars of the Universe. A Shine that is even greater than the Stars themselves..

May your Dream of Peace in the Universe come true one day soon

Let's Celebrate This Month's Dengeki Hobby with Lacus Clyne Captain's Uniform type Figure Freebie!!!

First Hotsuba and Now Lacus!!! It's an Awesome month for Magazines in the Homeland!! ^0^

Magazine- http://www.1999hobbysearch.com/dbimages/user/hobby/itbig/10037048.jpg

Freebie- http://www.1999hobbysearch.com/dbimages/user/hobby/itbig/10037048n.jpg
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AH! [Apr. 27th, 2004|04:18 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |crazycrazy]


In celebration of the special freebie in this month's Comic Dengeki Daioh


Freebie- http://www.1999hobbysearch.com/dbimages/user/hobby/itbig/10036990a.jpg

Let's all shout AH!

^0^ -<AH!
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Shipment [Apr. 13th, 2004|06:21 pm]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |Tenjou Tenge ED - Aishite ne Motto]

Today I recieved a Big Shipment.

In this shipment are many new things I have been waiting for.

It seems I wont be getting any rest for next 2 days.

Oh well I can always hold a study session and sleep during my class!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

News on the new toys once I get a chance to play with them.
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Todays' amusing thing [Apr. 13th, 2004|05:19 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Pride!! Go Check the site!!! -_^]

Man this link is awesome. It just gives me a good feeling. Not many things do that for me these days. and on top of that I am a HUGE Azumanga Fan!


Thanks to my friend "I dont say LOL" (who's also on Live Journal- idontsaylol ) for hooking me up!!

You're the Man!!

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Toyruns [Apr. 13th, 2004|04:31 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |amusedamused]

Anyone here ever do a toy runs before?? It's when you go to all the local stores like Target, TRU, Walmart and others etc. you go there looking for anything of interest you can find. Since unlike Japan, The US Toy releases are very random. You can literally be in Target one day and there is nothing and go back in the next day and it will be packed. It's fun I guess if you find stuff that you want. Unfortunately life is not always kind and you will get times when you go whole weeks with no reason to give your money to anyone.

I do regular toyruns. Since I'm a dealer, I also look out for fellow collectors in my area and beyond for rarer pcs they are looking for. Since I lead a very boring life outside of teaching and working I have nothing else better to do with my evenings. So what do I do? That's Right! I do Toyruns!! (Exciting right? -.-)I generally go to Walmart every evening to attack the pallets of toys.

I've had some success in my day. I've scored lots of decent pcs being there to pop open the cases and all that. I've scored lots of chase figures, variants and whatnot.

Unfortunately I also made quite a name for myself at the store. All the ppl who work the Toys area know me as the guy who goes through the pallets and opens the cases. They often tell me to not do it and you're not supposed to do it and etc.
I usually just smile and proceed with the case anyway. They then give me a really dirty look which I ignore, because by the time it gets to that I'd have opened the case and got what I want out of it already. Sometimes they'll tell me to put it back. Of course I just ignore it and walk away. I mean I'm a "GUEST" I can always hold that to them if the day ever comes.

I think the ppl who work at the toys area at my Walmart really hate me. I can tell by the stares of misfortune they give me as I walk by them. It's like they are cursing me to the very depths of the Abyss.

Maybe some of them are collectors as well? That would be a valid reason for them to hate me.

Well if anyone reads this and is a toy collector and knows what I'm talking about. Please share your experience!!

Umm.. Is anyone there?? *looks around*

Hello?? *Hears own echo*

Note- If you work at a Walmart toys section and know of ppl like me and hate ppl like me, please dont take offense. I am only hoping to express the opinion of one such as myself, who is a victim of the ppl who work at his local walmart toys section on a regular basis. I have never once in my life looked at those ppl with a stare of hate, Only with a smile. What do you all have against me? I only want to live my collector's life with passion and no regrets. Is that Wrong?? Please dont threaten me. Thank You. -_^
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True Greatness is Rare... [Mar. 24th, 2004|05:41 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |indescribableindescribable]
[music |Origa- Rise GITS SAC 2nd gig OP]

Hey Everyone

I am Sorry if you are one of the ppl who are emaileing me all the time wondering why I haven't replied to you or whatever. I have been very busy. However I will start being more responsible again soon (Not that any of you care) and I will actually try to update with news on a regular basis. And those inquiring about auction bidding and import items, I will post about that too. If you are not toaken back by my Laziness then Please inquire more.

Well Now on to the real reason this uipdate exists.

An Amusing thing-


Ebay auctions-


Please Look at them.

That's all for now. Talk to all of you (or none of you) again soon


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End of Week [Dec. 13th, 2003|11:08 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |melancholymelancholy]
[music |Random Susumu Hirasawa]

Ahh. It's been a Pretty eventful week I guess. Nothing Life changing has happened but it's been pretty eventful in a small way. Where to begin..

One of my students was caught shoplifting earlier this week (During Class time no less) They called the school and asked for me. His parents are in JP so I guess he considered me the closest thing he had to a guardian (Or maybe he just thought I was the Most Lenient and would keep it a secret from his family HAHAHA) Anyway' I picked this idiot up from the store he shoplifted from. He was trying to steal a Game. I really didn't understand why since this kid is even richer than I am LOL. Maybe it was for the thrill. He's still an idiot tho. He was lucky they didn't press charges on him. Hopefully he's learned his lesson.

In other Profession search news, My Evaluation is later this week too and I still have some finals to take..
yay how exciting haha -_-...

In Free time News, I watched some interesting things this week. The usual stuff I watch of course but I also watched a few new things and rewatched some old stuff. With my recent acquisition of the BERSERK CCG cards I also started reading Berserk again this week. I got through like book 14 last night. With all the new stuff that's been coming out lately I kind of wanted to remind myself why BERSERK is considered to me one of the Greatest things ever written by Humankind but alas that's why I felt the need to reread it (It's prob my 6th time or so) So, I now remember why. LOL

I watched Shurayuki Hime again this week since the DVD was just released in the states. Man that is a cool film. There's nothing really original or life changing about it but It's just a cool film. Yumiko Shaku is So Pretty in this Movie ^-^. And as always Donnie Yen's Choreography Is Awesome. He really did a lot for the action. It looks great (to me anyway) The story is not bad either. Events move a bit fast and some things are just too convenient. Development at times was a bit too fast paced for my tastes Of course it would have helped if the film was a bit longer but for what was there it was cool. Oh well, It's worth watching for Yumiko Shaku and Donnie Yen's Choreography.

In other Live Action Viewing, I watched all the Juon Movies again for fun this week. Man, Those movies are pretty scary. Directing was Top Notch especially in the TV movie ones. Shimizu Takashi did incredible considering he had such a low budget in the beginning. The Theatrical is the Best of course but there's certainly something about the lower budget first 2 that the theatrical doesn't have. If you like Japanese Horror (Ring, Dark Water, Audition) I Highly Recommend these films!!

As for Anime Viewing, Just the usual stuff, Inuyasha, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, FMP Fumoffu Spec 2, etc. All stuff that's Great. If you're Not watching any of them I highly recommend you do -_^

In Collecting News, My Booster boxes of Yu Yu Hakusho 1st ed Ankoku Bujutsukai (Dark Tournament) came in. I haven't even had the chance to look at them yet. Probably because these items also arrived-
MP-01 Masterpiece Convoy (Optimus Prime)- Great Item! If you're going to get one Definetly Get the Takara one!! Pristine Color scheme and Long Smokestacks! Forget Hasbro!
BT-02 Lamboru (Sideswipe)- Nice. I still Love Smokescreen more tho. Then Again Smokescreen is a Rally WRX ^-^
Gundam Seed Robot Anime Heroine figures- These are Really Nice. There are 3 in the set- Lacus, Cagalli and Fllay. Lacus is Super Nice. This is Probably the only way to get a completed version of Lacus in her Kimono type Outfit from the 3rd OP of GS. Cagalli Kicks Ass of course and Fllay is also very Nice. I guess to some ppl these figures may come a bit pricy at 3800yen a pop but They are Worth it!
Blitz Gundam 1/100- What Can I say? But It's About time!!! Now Give us The rest of our 1/100 kits!!!!
SOC GX-19 Getter Ryger- As with GX-018 Getter Dragon this one is also a Must! Now Bring on GX-020 Getter Poseidon!!!
Berserk Card Game Boosters and Starters- Man, the distribution in the packs I opened are horrible!! I wonder if I'll be able to complete my collection. I will prob just open all I have for myself, since not many ppl here can play anyway since all the cards are in Japanese. Which really sucks, Cause I'd really Love someone to Play with. I guess for now, I'll just buy them for the Colored Miura Artwork and maybe make a deck and play when I head back to Japan sometime next year most likely. The cards are Beautiful! Yeah It's a shame they pull the whole parrallel foil Rare card thing but man, If you're a Berserk Fan these are Worth it for the Art alone!!!

So There's Class, Finals, Shipping preorders, Collecting, Physical Training, Damn Kids in class stealing Video Games and dont forget the Drama of Life. I guess it's Ok to say I've been pretty occupied this week. Not necessarily a bad thing but man, It's Hectic. Not to mention I've been feeling very Unmotivated lately.. -_-

Well, I guess there's nothing really interesting left to say. Maybe I should try to go and sleep now .. (Haven't been getting much of that either)
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Beginnings.. [Dec. 10th, 2003|03:35 am]
黒い剣士 狂戦士の鎧
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |Aozara ni Naru (KR Kuuga ED)]

Hmm.. Now that I'm here. I'm Not sure what I should post here. I guess it will be for the daily adventures of my life when I have time or whenever there is something interesting to say. Hmm...

Oh!! I will post my Latest Import Toy review, that's it!!! Here we go!!-

Bandai Naruto Ninja Action Series
Uzumaki Naruto

In the past year and half or so Bandai of Japan has started to contribute to the Poseable anime character action figure market in Japan in a significant way. It started out with One Piece and Rockman Exe and has now even moved to other Great Series like Dragon Ball and Naruto.These Figures are very Reasonably Priced (1200yen to 1980yen) and very much worth every Yen!! They are Very Poseable and many Come with Loads of Accessories!! Good High Quality stuff. You can pretty much consider them as part of the "in Action" Line but with Actual Characters and not the Mecha.

Today I will write about One of the Figures in the NARUTO Ninja Action Series. Uzumaki Naruto, our Hero.

Naruto is one of the Nicest figures I've played with in awhile. He's Very Nicely detailed, Super poseable and has a crapload of accessories. Let's start with the basics-

Sculpting 5/5 - Let me begin to say that the Sculpting on Naruto is Top Notch. He looks like he jumped right out of the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump!! Proportions are Perfect! The Figure and all his accessories are all Extremely well done with Lots attention to style and accuracy. Right down to the smile on his face to the Pouch on his leg to his Spikey Hair, Everything was sculpted with true accuracy to the original work by Kishimoto sensei. Naruto like the other figures in this series comes with 2 heads. One of them is the Default Naruto and the Other is the Enraged Kyubi Naruto. On both Heads the Likeness is Incredible! As stated above it's Like Naruto jumped out of the Pages!!! ^0^ For the Default Naruto head, he is smiling and very determined. It is the same expression you often see him with before a Fight begins, the Expression is captured Perfectly and the choice is very Fitting for the character. For the Kyubi head, Naruto Looks VERY Enraged and Vicious. You can Capture the Emotion and spirit during the Scenes of the Bridge Battle with Haku perfectly!! On Both Heads the Konoha Head Protector is sculpted very well, with a very sharp and crisp symbol of Konoha village and a very well sculpted pull fit over the forehead. The Hair on both heads is very beautifully sculpted too, with each spikey clump of hair clearly defined. Bandai really has it down.

Let's not forget Naruto's body which is also Extremely well done! All the folds, the zipper and pockets are very crisp. Not only that but the Joints are integrated very well too. One thing worth noting is the little patch on Naruto's Left shoulder. It has a string hanging off of it, so to reproduce it on a figure of this size would be seemingly very difficult since there is also a Joint that goes in that same area of the arm. However Bandai used a really simple but not often used idea to counter this! They basically used a technique that is present with many Vinyl Garage kits. They molded the whole patch with string as a thin piece of plastic. They cut it with precision so that there is no excess. After that they apply it to the upper part of the shoulder with the end string part hanging past the swivel arm joint. By doing this they are able to capture the full detail of the entire patch with String as it's own piece and not have to worry about fitting it in with the Articulation, which would make it look bad. I commend Bandai on this technique!!

Accessories 4.5/5- WOW!! Naruto comes with a Bowl of Ramen!!!!! Now, accessories like this are Cool. Very Fan based. Bowl of Ramen Looks Great and you can see the Fishcake (Complete with Spiral!), Tofu, cabbage, Meat and of course noodles with Great detail!! Very Crisp!! It will even make you feel Hungry!! -_^ Naruto also comes with 5 hands. 2 are Closed fists and the others are for Performing jutsu poses and holding his other accessories which are- Kunai, Shuriken, Closed Scroll and Opened Scroll (Great for Summoning!!! -_^) As mention above Naruto also has an Alternate Head, Kyubi Naruto. My only complaint about the Accessories is that there are no chopsticks present for us to pose with the Bowl of Ramen. It would also Be nice to have another alternate head for Naruto with a Big Smile on his face to pose with the Ramen and chopsticks too. Aside from that though the Accessories are Great!!!

Naruto also comes with a VERY Nice wallscroll. Measuring 2’ x 6 ½” Which is beautifully done. With the 2 ends made with nice Black Plastic, closed with a Purple string. The Paper that is used for the scroll is not bad either. On the illustration Naruto is standing in the center with a Huge calligraphy Brush, holding a scroll on his mouth. In the background there is a very beautiful design of swords, Lanterns, Shurikens and other various colorful things with a Nice Big Image of Gamabunta below Naruto. Not to mention the Very Nice Calligraphy type "Uzumaki Naruto" written right above the series Logo. In many stores this type of scroll usually costs about 900yen. Considering this figure's price is 1780yen I'd say it's definetly a Great extra bonus for purchasing the figure!!!

Articulation 4.5/5- Great! Naruto has 22 points of articulation! Neck, Shoulders, swivel arms, wrists, waist, hips, swivel legs, knees and feet! You can Pull off Many very Natural Looking Poses with Naruto and he stands very well. One of the nicest parts about the articulation which impressed me was the way they did the feet articulation in this line. In the series all the Ninjas wear Sandals. Bandai did a Great job with that idea! The feet have 2 points of articulation each and one of them is like a balancing joint for poses, that swivels side to side. The way it's done on this figure, the sandal is actually molded with the sole as it's own piece. The joint is at the middle of the foot where your feet would enter to wear the sandals. With the foot connecting to the molded sandal in this way, It makes the bottom of the sole the stationary balance of the figure where it stands on and the actual foot can move sided to side. In other words, it allows for the Feet to be posed as if it was a real foot wearing a Sandal! This allows Naruto to achieve many Hard to do poses!!

I guess the only real complaint about Naruto's articulation (We cant have everything lol) is that the Shoulders could have more range than they do now. Something of a pectorial joint would have been nice. (Something similiar to the pull out shoulder joint on the 2.0 MSIAs) That way the arms can come closer together and you would be able to join his hands in a Jutsu pose. I do understand though why they didn't do it as it would be very hard to pull it off without the joint looking too obvious. Still, with the Great Engineering and heart that was put into this figure I really believe that if they wanted to, they could have definetly pulled it off, though the price would most definetely be higher. That is my only real complaint aside from the fact all the joints can have more Range! ^-^

Paint Application 4/5- The paint apps for the Most parts are Great. All the colors are very accurate and I have not seen any Narutos that are ridiculously sloppy or anything. My only complaint and this is why there is a 4/5 rating for this segment is the fact that the Eyes on the Kyubi Naruto head are the Wrong color!!! They are blue instead of Red!!! The worst thing is the fact that in the picture on the back of the package his eyes are the Correct color!!!!! This problem is easily fixable with the right paint and brush but still this is a pretty bad mistake!!

Aside from the Kyubi eyes, Naruto is 100% color accurate!!! And Quality is Very Good from the 20 some Narutos I have seen ^-^

Packaging 4.75/5- The Packaging for this Figure is Very Nice!! I cant really say I could really improve it much because it's pretty much perfect as it is. The package is designed with a scroll theme to it. You can tell from the details they put in that it should resemble an open scroll. On the front of the package we have a Nice big Window which gives us a nice view of Naruto and all his accessories. Naruto's Package is done in his signature color of a Burning Orange to reflect his Character. There is a also a Nice Big Konoha Village Symbol right in the upper middle part of the package. I'm assuming it's to show which village the character belongs to. On the right side of the package we have a nice little bio on Naruto, revealing the basics of his character. On the left side of the package we have the Name of "Uzumaki Naruto" written in Calligraphy style coming down the spine of the box (Great for Bookshelf style!!). On the top flap of the box is the name "NARUTO" Spelled out in english in yellow.

On the Back of the box we have a nice Little picture with a display of The Naruto figure in various poses and holding different accessories. Below the picture we have a nice little pic of Sasuke and Kakashi, the other 2 figures available. And on the right side we have a little scroll design with information on the Naruto figure and his Accessories.

For many ppl I know They dont really care much about packaging. They just want to rip it open and play with the toy. For me, though not nearly as important as the toy itself, a Nice package is a nice addition to have to a nice toy. Bandai Definetly gets a Plus for this Packaging! Great Job!! -_^

Conclusion 4.5/5- This Figure is Really Great in just about every aspect. It's very Poseable, Looks Great, Has a good amount of accessories and comes with a Really Beautiful wallscroll. Not really much to complain about. The Kyubi Eyes are pretty much the Main complaint and it's not something that's impossible to fix. I Highly Recommend this Figure Especially if you're a Fan of the series. If you are a fan then this Figure should be a MUST!!!! In the states I've seen this figure sell for about average $25 which I think is a GREAT Deal. These figures just recently came back into production! What are you waiting for? Go Buy it now!!! Better hurry before the next trio is released!! -_^


Hmm.. Now that wasn't too bad. Anyone reading (Whoever you are)Look forward to more reviews coming soon!!! Oh and Pictures for this review will be posted later this week.
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